Creativity is as important as literacy”

                                                 sir ken robinson


It's Gonna be a Great Summer at 

Artsy Smartsy Creativity Camps!

We have the best time every Summer with our awesome Artful Summer Campers!  We make great new friends and spend time with families and friends who we've seen season after season at camp and during the school year.
We are so grateful for the warm spirit of friendship and support that we feel - it inspires us to
become better and stronger and even more creative with our camps in the Summertimes to come.

Our Summer Camp Schedules for 2021 are already in the works!  We've got  amazing new topics this year and  wonderful locations with lots of space for our ever growing number of curious and creative campers from age 6 through 12.

We will be taking reservations for space in our Summer Camps during April and May.  We will limit each campclass to 6 members only in an effort to maintain social distancing and safety rules at all times.

Email us at or call 973-707-8421 for more information or to pre register your children.

You may also make a reservation to see the studios where campclasses will take place.

Join us all Summer long for the most awesome and creative Summer Camp Experience that you can imagine!
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