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Lincoln Elementary School
winter, 2024  After School Clubs
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                                          MONDAYS - January

This is not your same old Chess class!  You’ll study chess with a Master at your own skill level while you learn how to set up a board, how the pieces move, and how the game develops. Students play chess matches each week and are paired by skill level. There are also some creative surprises that will help you to play and understand the game and how it developed through history into the most popular game in the world today


Embroidery is a lovely creative pastime, encouraging social interaction while giving us a break from the craziness in the world. The pieces that you stitch are unique and special works of art.  Join our friendly stitching circle and become engrossed in a classic and timeless art while you learn a few stitches and create beautiful hand crafted accessories with embroidered needle art.   
                                             WEDNESDAYS - January

Join in the fun as we explore many different ways to create with clay. Throughout history pottery has been the container of choice for storing, serving and preserving foods, liquids and other goods in the home and hearth.  It has also been the medium of choice for making jewelry and other decorative items that enhance our lives and build self-esteem.  We’ll use air dry clay to sculpt and mold, make jewelry and kinetic art with polymer clay and have an awesome time with everyone’s favorite - Model Magic!    

Inquisitive kids who enjoy building, designing, and taking things apart will have a great time learning and practicing the art of creating from an analytical point of view.  We’ll build structures, create and compare ramps and means of travel, explore ways to improve some everyday tools and maybe even build a better mousetrap in this fun and interesting course.       
                                               THURSDAYS - January

Join us for hours of creative crafting fun as we design, build and create awesome art projects with paint. wood, clay, paper, ribbon, beads, and lots of other fun embellishments.  You’ll discover a great artful outlet and have lots of fun to boot in this crazy crafty course!  


Can you imagine yourself as part of an awesome company of actors, artists, and all of those who make the theater an extra special experience?  Let’s put on a show and give our audience a mystery to solve the way it’s done at great dinner theaters all over the country.  We’ll learn a professional mystery script, create costumes and turn an evening in the cafeteria into a fantastic theater event for our families.



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