“"It (the Theory of Relativity) occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition.

My discovery was the result of musical perception.”

                                                                                                                                          albert einstein





                                                                      benjamin fr


Artsy Smartsy is your source for artful learning and lots of fun. We believe that everyone shares a creative spirit and our kids' art classes and workshops are geared toward their natural curiosity and eagernes to learn new things in a creative way. Children thrive in an artistic environment and our awesome kids' classes foster more than just the creative aspects of developement in children - they encourage expansive, critical thinking, fine tune motor skills and special skills as well as empowering self esteem.


At Artsy Smartsy, we believe in the power of art as a catalyst for learning. That's why we created a curriculum that addresses the needs of young learners, home schooled children, gifted & talented as well as those with special needs. We focus on the individual child as a whole person - our expert instructors offer specialized courses in a well rounded experience of  personalized learning that we call -

STEAM Power!




Our Science experts know how to make learniing a real blast!  From Ancient Astronomy to Explosive Science, Kitchen Chemistry and Yuck-ology (ewwwww!) the kids in our science programs are always engrossed in amazing experiments, and forever figuring out the wonders of the Universe.  Join one of our Spectacular Science programs today and you'll be off on an adventure that you won't soon forget!


In a world of ever evolving technology, it sometimes takes a daily commitment just to keep up!  Our experts in all things Technology work with children beginning at age 3 to make them aware and comfortable in an environment of products and tools that they will need to be familiar with as they grow into their Elementary, Middle and High School years.  Then they venture into the worlds of Computer Animation, Digital Photograpy and Programming to round out their experience and keep them on the cutting edge in the technological age.


The future belongs to the 3 - E's - Engineering, Electronics and Economics, and we believe that giving kids an edge up on these studies will give them the advantage as they become adults in the near future.  Careers in these fields will be highly competitive and much in demand.  Our expert instructors in these fields know how to make learning fascinating, fulfilling and fun for learners of all ages.


At Artsy Smartsy, the Arts are the thread that runs through every learning experience that we offer.  Whether it be a  course in creativity, fine art, theatre, or music - or the application of the creative process into Science, Math or any other discipline, our experience has shown us that art is a magnificent catalyst for learning.  Our unique approach incorporates a fusion of art with every subject, strengthening even the most outstanding memory and expanding the learning process for even the most critical thinkers among us.













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