"I hear and I forget ... I see and I remember ... I do and I understand."    confucious


Our After School Enrichment Classes

are the best around!

At Artsy Smartsy, we're proud to be New Jersey's premier provider of After School Enrichment courses for elementary age kids and their schools.

We provide a full complement of courses and services designed to take the pressure off of your school's Enrichment Coordinators and to make the process smooth, simple and completely enjoyable for everyone involved.  Our many years of experience and dedication to the schools, families and children we serve in New Jersey make Artsy Smartsy the very best choice to inspire your children to love learning and bring them fun filled creative experiences in the process.

Just a few advantages of partnering with Artsy Smartsy ASE include:

- A diverse, interesting curriculum of over 50 fantastic courses, taught and experienced through the lens of creativity
-Hands-on management, present and dedicated to servicing every need in the ASE community
-A strong, practical knowledge of the needs of New Jersey's schools and families
-Fully insured, with ability to add your organization as additionally insured
 -Fully trained and background checked course leaders and management

- Excellent fundraising potential

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Elementary Egypt


Retro Revolution


da Vinci's World


Medieval Marvels


The Marvelous Maya


Mythological Gods & Monsters


The Art of the Storyboard


Creative Writers' Workshop


Animal Science - Pets




Dinosaur Adventure


A Pirate's Life


Space Odyssey

Money Math


Creative Kitchen


Art a la Carte


Artists We Adore


Clay Play


Beads, Bangles & Bling


Fashion Plate

Fashion Plate, Jr.


Impressionism Rocks!


Understanding Abstract Art


Kids love everything about Artsy Smartsy’s After School Enrichment Experiences, from great adventures in Ancient Worlds like Egypt and the Middle Ages, to Freestyle classes in Arts & Crafts, Story Writing, Illustration, Comic Arts & and the Retro Revolution of the 1960’s. Our team of instructors are experienced, creative & dedicated teaching professionals with a passion for bringing kids the most unique and fun ways to learn and grow. Our program is designed to provide truly unique learning experiences through creative interaction for your elementary age children. Many of our courses were designed after a request from our students and parents for a topic of their interest, or as an extension of a course the kids didn’t want to end!

At Artsy Smartsy, we make it our mission to impart a positive influence to the next generation. We teach kids to think creatively and expansively, and motivate them to continue this learning in their everyday lives. You'll see a difference in their perspective - your children will enjoy outstanding experiences they'll carry with them for years to come.

Like our new friend Collin, your kids will wake up every morning and ask:

"Mom... is today an Artsy Smartsy day???"



CEO in Training


No Boys Allowed!


Artful Architecture, USA


Deconstructing Mona


Charles Schulz &

Charlie Brown's World


The Amazing

Benjamin Franklin


Van Gogh Demystified


The Real World of

the Surrealists


Doctor Who Club


Creative Journal - Family Tree


8 Great New York Landmarks


Banker's Hour


TV Chef


Mystery  Dinner Theater

Unique New York


It Happened in New Jersey


Strategic Scrabble


Party Central



Who in the World Was:


Georgia O'Keeffe


Frank Lloyd Wright


Pablo Picasso


and many more!



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