"The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves."
                                                                                                                joseph campbell

Special Programs for Exceptional Learners

At Artsy Smartsy we’re proud to offer an outstanding selection of creative learning experiences geared toward those with special needs.  Our exceptional art - venturers spend their time with us learning and creating and becoming more confident while experiencing the realization of their creative visions.   We offer great courses where exceptional students of all ages are free to create at their own pace and in their own time.  Week after week it’s a new artful adventure with Artsy Smartsy!


Our amazing instructors have the compassion, empathy and experience needed to facilitate the most positive and creative experiences for our exceptional clients.  Choose from a variety of unique courses that will keep their curiosity and creativity engaged while expanding their thought

process and challenging them to reach beyond the boundaries and stretch their imaginations. 


Learning  & fun become one and the same when you make it an Artsy Smartsy week!





Discover the Artist in You!


Practice the  basics of art making, and experience a whole new way of seeing the world and expressing yourself. Lessons include line drawing and shading with pencils and pastels, paintings with water colors, acrylics & water soluble oil pastels  and  instruction on composition and techniques.  We’ll draw, paint, collage &, sculpt, bringing all a fresh and fun way to see their art and a result they will be proud to show off.



Explore the world of digital photography in this fun and inventive course.  Learn how to compose and shoot awesome pictures of people, places and events, then upload your pictures onto your computer and make them really artful using some basic techniques and photo editing software. Make and save some wonderful memories as you explore your creativity.  Digital camera is needed.




Throughout all of time people have expressed themselves using art.   The walls of prehistoric caves and the ceilings of Renaissance buildings tell the stories of life and the beliefs of our ancestors.  We’ll study some of history’s greatest art & artists, and explore mythology from several world cultures. Then we’ll create our own artwork to tell our stories and express ourselves in unique and original ways.


Art & Music of the 60’s



The 1960’s were an iconic time – with artists like Peter Max and Andy Warhol coming on the scene and the Beatles ushering the British Invasion with their amazing music.  We’ll  travel through the 60’s in a “Yellow Submarine” while we learn about the lives and music of the Fab Four and create tie-died art, abstract paintings, kinetic sculpture, and more 60's inspired art.



Everybody dig in and get involved in some great 3 dimensional art projects!  Create some amazing pieces of kinetic (moving) art, sculpture, plaster masks and molded art.  Do a wonderful collage of torn paper & found objects and paint a relief painting that jumps right off the canvas! Enjoy these projects and more in this fun, freestyle class. 



$195. per group member for each 8 week series (90 minutes per class)


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