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Is my Preschool Child Gifted?

Here are some traits to look for, provided by the American Association of Gifted Children:

Language and Learning

  • talks and reads early and has a large vocabulary
  • demonstrates advanced language proficiency
  • enjoys self-expression, especially in discussion
  • has unique learning style
  • has greater than average attention span
  • asks many questions
  • exhibits advanced observational skills and retains information about what is observed or read
  • is challenged by problems, and chooses sophisticated activities, such as chess or collecting, as early as age 5 and shows interest in many kinds of books, atlases, and encyclopedias
  • is interested in calendars, clocks, and puzzles
  • is proficient in drawing, music, or other arts

Psychomotor Development and Motivation

  • walks early and displays early or advanced fine motor control in writing, coloring, and building things; loves projects that require inquiry
  • is driven to explore things, is curious, asks "why"
  • wants to master the environment; enjoys learning
  • is extremely active and goal oriented
  • has wide-ranging, consuming interests

Personal-Social Characteristics

  • spends less time sleeping
  • is more dependent on adults for communication
  • interacts with adults more effectively than with children, and struggles with adult inconsistency
  • is sensitive to dishonesty and insincerity in adults
  • demonstrates awareness of issues, such as death, war, and world hunger

(*A child does not have to exhibit all or even a majority of these characteristics to be identified as gifted. Seeing a number of traits in one child, however, indicates a need to take a closer look at the extent of the child's giftedness.)



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