"I hear and I forget ... I see and I remember ... I do and I understand."    confucious


Kinder Prep
Specialized Learning for  eager 3, 4 and 5 Year - olds

In Artsy Smartsy's Kinder Prep program, bright, inquisitive youngsters ages 3, 4 & 5 will be guided through a weekly, 2 hour creative learning experience that will stimulate their critical thinking skills and challenge them to expand their imaginations, beginning the process of becoming effective problem solvers.  They will be introduced to inquiry based study circles which foster a love of learning through personal process and mutual support.  Each class session will conclude with an artful activity and/or project that will solidify their connection to the lesson and integrate the learning in a fun and playful way.


During the Fall to Spring learning year - 12 weeks in Fall and 12 weeks in Spring, our intended outcomes include:

Listening and Communication

 •Listen attentively

 •Raise hands or wait to speak

 •Act on instruction and repeat spoken directions

 •Engage in question-and-answer dialogue with classmates and teachers

 •Work as a team on projects or problem-solving

Language Arts

 •Recognize all of the letters of the alphabet in upper- and lowercase forms

 •Write their first and last name

 •Learn sounds corresponding to vowels, consonants and compound letters

 •Use initial consonant sounds and sound patterns to read words

 •Identify several sight words, including names of colors

 •Recognize and use rhyming words

 •Write a simple story of their own design in complete sentences using sight words and phonics skills


 •Sort and classify objects using one or more attributes

 •Recognize and write numbers to 20

 •Name ordinal numbers first through tenth

 •Add, subtract and divide using play money as a manipulative* 

 •Understand spatial relationships (top/bottom, near/far, ahead/behind)

 •Compare quantities by estimating, weighing, and measuring

 •Recognize patterns and shapes

 •Tell time to the nearest hour

 •Recite the days of the week and months of the year

*Every other week we engage in a game of "store", where the children purchase small trinkets and toys with play money that they earn doing a "job" each week.  Their jobs include putting away pencils and markers, cleaning the table, setting up the store and helping the teacher in any way needed.They learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide by keeping their own wallet and balancing their play money week after week.


 •Recognize primary colors

 •Mix secondary colors

 •Draw and paint using line and shape

 •Create beaded projects applying basic math patterns

 •Create sculpted art using air dry clay and model magic

 •Create a collage using colors, pictures and found objects

 •Miscellaneous crafted, three dimensional and expressive art pieces in various media

Click here for a list of characteristics of gifted preschoolers



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